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M667948/M667911  Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Model Number M667948/M667911 
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
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47TS483434-1WSGFCS15 Thrust Ball BearingsDa:102 mm; d:80 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:22.8 kN; B:13 mm; da:87 mm; D:110 mm; Radius:0.6 mm; Static Load Rating:34.2 kN; Oil Holes:2 mm;
HM262749DW/710/710D Cam Follower And Track Rollerda:426 mm; B:35 mm; Da:447 mm; D:480 mm; Oil Holes:3 mm; Static Load Rating:523.9 kN; Radius:2.5 mm; d:400 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:219.4 kN;
H15002707A Needle Non Thrust Roller BearingsDynamic Load Rating:86.3 kN; B:25 mm; Oil Holes:2.5 mm; D:280 mm; Da:259 mm; Radius:2 mm; da:237 mm; d:220 mm; Static Load Rating:183.5 kN;
FC689628 Needle Self Aligning Roller BearingsRadius:0.6 mm; Da:72 mm; d:50 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:18.9 kN; D:80 mm; B:13 mm; Static Load Rating:23.4 kN; da:57.2 mm; Oil Holes:2 mm;
305338D Cylindrical Roller Bearingsd:80 mm; Radius:0.6 mm; Oil Holes:2.5 mm; Static Load Rating:44.8 kN; Dynamic Load Rating:30.2 kN; Da:109 mm; da:92 mm; D:120 mm; B:16 mm;
T902 Spherical Roller BearingsMounting Hole Size:3.4 mm; B:12 mm; Static Load Rating:9.16 kN; Thread Size:M3; Mounting Hole Countersink Diameter:6.5 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:8.26 kN; D:70 mm; Inner rings PCD:28 mm; da:35 mm; Oil Holes:3 mm; d:20 mm; Da:47 mm; Chamfer:0.6 mm; Mounting Hole Countersink Depth:3.3 mm; Number of Mounting Holes:6; Outer rings PCD:57 mm;
530897 Plain BearingsStatic Load Rating:70.2 kN; d:110 mm; D:160 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:42.7 kN; B:20 mm; Da:143 mm; Oil Holes:2.5 mm; Radius:1 mm; da:126 mm;
23168 B MB  Cylindrical Roller BearingsD:36 mm; d:20 mm; Oil Holes:1.5 mm; Da:30.8 mm; Static Load Rating:4 kN; Dynamic Load Rating:4.1 kN; Radius:0.6 mm; B:8 mm; da:22.9 mm;
M255449  Angular Contact Ball BearingsDynamic Load Rating:18.9 kN; Oil Holes:2 mm; B:13 mm; d:50 mm; Static Load Rating:23.4 kN; Radius:0.6 mm; da:57.2 mm; Da:72 mm; D:80 mm;
T811 XA Tapered Roller BearingsStatic Load Rating:286.2 kN; Radius:2 mm; da:280 mm; Oil Holes:3 mm; B:30 mm; d:250 mm; Da:299 mm; D:330 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:142 kN;
771/500  Plain BearingsD:95 mm; d:35 mm; Oil Holes:3 mm; Number of Mounting Holes:8; Mounting Hole Countersink Diameter:8 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:18.9 kN; da:57 mm; Da:73 mm; Mounting Hole Depth:4.4 mm; Thread Size:M4; Mounting Hole Size:4.5 mm; Outer rings PCD:83 mm; Chamfer:0.6 mm; Static Load Rating:23.4 kN; B:15 mm; Inner rings PCD:45 mm;
LM 119348 D/11/11 D  Complex BearingsStatic Load Rating:523.9 kN; Dynamic Load Rating:219.4 kN; da:426 mm; D:480 mm; Da:447 mm; d:400 mm; Oil Holes:3 mm; Radius:2.5 mm; B:35 mm;
NCF 1872 V Tapered Roller BearingsOil Holes:4 mm; B:40 mm; d:250 mm; D:355 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:207 kN; da:289 mm; Radius:2 mm; Static Load Rating:391.8 kN; Da:311 mm;
NF1956MC4 Complex BearingsDynamic Load Rating:191.6 kN; B:35 mm; D:395 mm; Da:359 mm; da:337 mm; Oil Holes:3 mm; d:300 mm; Static Load Rating:407.8 kN; Radius:2.5 mm;
M667947D/M667911 Angular Contact Ball BearingsNumber of Mounting Holes:12; Da:157 mm; Oil Holes:3 mm; B:25 mm; d:90 mm; D:210 mm; Inner rings PCD:112 mm; Mounting Hole Countersink Diameter:14 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:46 kN; Mounting Hole Countersink Depth:8.6 mm; Outer rings PCD:187 mm; Thread Size:M3; da:139 mm; Static Load Rating:80.2 kN; Chamfer:1.5 mm; Mounting Hole Size:9 mm;
T16021 Tapered Roller BearingsStatic Load Rating:4.8 kN; Da:35.8 mm; Oil Holes:1.5 mm; d:25 mm; B:8 mm; D:41 mm; Radius:0.6 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:4.5 kN; da:27.9 mm;



No.BranddDBdaDaRadiusChamferOil Holes
M667948/M667911 -70 mm100 mm13 mm77 mm92 mm0.6 mm - 2 mm
T-611-45 mm70 mm10 mm50 mm61.8 mm0.6 mm - 1.5 mm
771/630 -35 mm60 mm10 mm40 mm51.8 mm0.6 mm - 1.5 mm
M270448DGW-80 mm165 mm22 mm117 mm132 mm - 1 mm3 mm
NP489116-90K43) / NP852606 -300 mm395 mm35 mm337 mm359 mm2.5 mm - 3 mm
T902-20 mm70 mm12 mm35 mm47 mm - 0.6 mm3 mm
M 255449 D/410/410 D -120 mm150 mm16 mm126 mm143 mm1 mm - 2.5 mm
LM 761649 DW/610/610 D -160 mm220 mm25 mm181 mm198 mm1.5 mm - 2.5 mm
HM262749DW/710/710D-400 mm480 mm35 mm426 mm447 mm2.5 mm - 3 mm
M241547/M241513XD -190 mm240 mm25 mm203 mm223 mm1.5 mm - 2.5 mm
LM 451349 DW/10/10 D -160 mm220 mm25 mm181 mm198 mm1.5 mm - 2.5 mm
35198-45 mm70 mm10 mm50 mm61.8 mm0.6 mm - 1.5 mm
29432 E                       -200 mm280 mm30 mm231 mm248 mm2 mm - 3 mm
HM271149-80 mm120 mm16 mm92 mm109 mm0.6 mm - 2.5 mm
EE350750/351687 -250 mm355 mm40 mm289 mm311 mm2 mm - 4 mm
351988 -190 mm240 mm25 mm203 mm223 mm1.5 mm - 2.5 mm
22232 E1A-M-C3         -140 mm200 mm25 mm161 mm178 mm1.5 mm - 2.5 mm
T1452-130 mm190 mm25 mm148 mm168 mm1.5 mm - 2.5 mm
M 244249 D/210/210 D -400 mm480 mm35 mm426 mm447 mm2.5 mm - 3 mm
23156VAB-250 mm330 mm30 mm280 mm299 mm2 mm - 3 mm
EE420751/421451D-25 mm41 mm8 mm27.9 mm35.8 mm0.6 mm - 1.5 mm
M 270449 DW/410/410 D -115 mm240 mm28 mm168 mm188 mm - 1.5 mm3 mm
HM266449-120 mm170 mm20 mm136 mm153 mm1.5 mm - 2.5 mm
M 265049 DW/010/010 D -80 mm110 mm13 mm87 mm102 mm0.6 mm - 2 mm
22240 E1A-MB1-C3     -55 mm120 mm15 mm77 mm92 mm - 0.6 mm3 mm
HMC 252349 D/310/310 D -150 mm210 mm25 mm168 mm188 mm1.5 mm - 2.5 mm
NU2276-E-M1A-140 mm200 mm25 mm161 mm178 mm1.5 mm - 2.5 mm
47TS483434-1WSGFCS15-80 mm110 mm13 mm87 mm102 mm0.6 mm - 2 mm
HM133426-90372-120 mm170 mm20 mm136 mm153 mm1.5 mm - 2.5 mm
LM65448DW-610-610D-150 mm210 mm25 mm168 mm188 mm1.5 mm - 2.5 mm


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